"We ARE OPEN 2021"

No one under the age of ​18 or older 

without a Adult in the group!!

Open every Friday and Saturday night starting

September 10 through October 31

​​Dayton,Oh  All new scream park. With four new scary atraction's.
Located at 4355 Valley St  Dayton, OH 45424 , near Harshman Rd. 

Just one mile behind Stebbins High School & three miles east of the Children's Medical Center.

Dayton Scream Park haunted trail and All new Haunted Houses enter if you dare !

All new trails, attractions , and scares for 2021.

One haunted trail three haunted houses and  circus from hell for one Low price, $20.00

Gets you into four attractions.

$20 VIP pass shoot you to the front of the line.

We are now offering the touch pass for ten dollars this option means that you are allowing

the monsters permission to touch you with out this pass you will not be touched intentionally.

Ticket prices are for all ages except children five and under are free.

We have concessions and free parking available

we do except Cash and Credit cards 

1:  Haunted Trails for 30+ scenes with more than 60 live monsters!" 

Many scenes that will play with your senses and emotions.

2: RAT TRAP   doubled in size, harder than ever, see if you can find your way out

3:  HOLLYWOOD    all new featuring your favorite monsters from the silver screen

4: Circus from hell

our resident Web Warlock of the Dark at  (937) 39-SCARE (397-2273)

for additional information.
or Email Us @

Dayton Scream Park in Dayton
It ain't no walk in the park!

With FREE Parking

We at Dayton Scream Park strive to be the premiere haunt venue for the south west ohio area, we work hard in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our staff and guest alike. As it is known, last night September 11th, 2021, we had a couple groups of unruly teens in the line that caused many people to have to leave and for some to be part of an altercation due to these groups actions. These groups were cause for law enforcement to be contacted and the night to be ended early for all. To clear up a few things, there was no firearm used or shown during these altercations, the large police force response was due to the large groups and their actions, and of course with such a large law enforcement response there were as well a emergency medical response. With the events of last night, we are increasing our security presence and hiring DAYTON POLICE to be on site “ON DUTY “also putting new policies in place to prevent further occurences. As of and active September 17th, 2021, no invidual 17 or younger will be allowed in the Scream Park without a parent or guardian accompanying them, if you look younger than 18 years old you may be Asked for ID,Any groups or indiviuals caugt cutting in line or causing altercations will be removed from the event and asked to leave with no refund and as well may be be tresspassed from the property. We at Dayton Scream Park apologize to all of our guest and staff for the events that occured, We are making these changes to better protect our staff and guest alike. We hope to see you all soon at Dayton Scream Park